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Joshua Black

Joshua  Black
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    On the North Shore, Josh Black stands out as a real estate professional who brings more to the table than just his sharp negotiation skills and strategic insight. Drawing on decades of experience in consultancy and corporate success, Josh transfers his ethic of diligence and precision into every real estate transaction. But where he truly differs is in his philosophy: a balanced life breeds balanced decisions—principles garnered from his personal journey toward health and longevity.

    After years of climbing the corporate ladder, Josh redirected his focus toward a pursuit of holistic well-being. This transformational path not only rejuvenated his own vitality but reinforced his belief in investment beyond the fiscal—investing in places that promote health, happiness, and growth. Armed with this vision, he guides his clients through the property market, applying the same principles of dedication and longevity to find homes that support vibrant lifestyles.

    A native of the Chicago suburbs, Josh is attuned to the rhythms and nuances of each neighborhood. His approach blends market wisdom with an understanding of the importance of ‘home’ as a sanctuary for personal well-being. Whether assisting families in finding their nurturing nest or aiding individuals in locating a retreat that resonates with their lifestyle, Josh is a realtor who knows that the right home contributes to a more joyful, youthful you.

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